Since 1961 our family has been providing comprehensive solutions for leaking basements throughout New York and New jersey. Not many companies can say they have 3 generations of waterproofing experience behind them. All our work is performed by in house crews and not sub-contracting crews. Some waterproofing companies are just a sales force with great sales people and little knowledge. Here at Basement Waterproofing Solutions, our family has years of experience. When hiring new employees, we look for individuals that will have the same passion about our business as we do!!! Quite often, at the completion of a job, a foreman will send picture text messages of his job to myself and other crew members showing off their work. These messages are always followed with great complements of encouragement. This is the passion we look for and love. Our warehouse stocks all the materials we need, including a significant supply of sump pumps so we are full prepared during the worst hurricanes. Our suppliers are dedicated to us during these events and assure us we will always have what we need.  

If you prefer to be educated about our products and services without the high pressure of a sales person, then you came to the right place. Our main concern is the health of your home and providing you with the knowledge and direction to make an intelligent decision so your home will be a healthy dry environment for you and your family.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions is affiliated with the Basement Health Association. With basement waterproofing contractors throughout the entire country, there is no other association like this. We are bigger, better and stronger in numbers. Our brother company, Paul Davis Restoration ( is a network of over 300 individually owned companies throughout the US and Canada. Paul Davis has been the leader in fire, mold and flood clean up since 1966. Other companies include, Grate Products, Basement Technologies and Pioneer Basements. Partnering with these organizations allows us access to a huge knowledge base that can provide homeowners with endless resources and information.

Sal Mendola Sr started repairing wet basements back in 1961 in Staten Island NY. By the early 70s the business was booming. In 1979 Sal Mendola Jr began helping his dad and started expanding into the NJ area. Seeking additional knowledge Sal then purchased into the Paul Davis Restoration family specializing in flood, mold and fire clean up. Salvatore Mendola the 3rd, is the 3dr generation that now shares the same passion as his dad and grandfather.

If you would like information on how to keep a healthy environment in your home and basement please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Staten Island 718-761-3698/Central New jersey 732-721-4900

Southern NJ 609-918-1100/Northern NJ 973-577-8588