For many years it was thought best to introduce fresh outdoor air into your basement or crawl. But not all outdoor air is healthy for your home or basement. When air, with high humidity levels are introduced into your basement or crawl, the higher humidity stalls in the cooler areas and sometimes can cause basement walls to condensate (just like a cold glass of water on your table in summer months). If elevated humidity levels are present for an extended period of time, they can create musky odors and eventually mold will grow. Sometimes condensation can run down the walls and pool up on the basements slab. This type of activity should not be confused with a leaking foundation and can be remedied with a quality dehumidifier.  During extremely humid weather, make sure all basement windows and doors remain closed. In the perfect world, you would open all basement windows as the exteriors humidity dips below 45% and close them every evening and every day the humidity rises above 50%. Most of us are too busy with our lives to be plagued with this daily routine. Not to mention if your home is built on a crawl, climbing in through a hatchway to perform this task is even more of a burden. If you live in a basement or have a basement apartment, opening and closing widows becomes a daily routine as it would if you resided on the upper level of your home.
High humidity is more of an issue in summer months. Most homes with forced hot air heating systems have humidifiers installed to introduce additional humidity into the home during winter months.
Basement Waterproofing Solutions installs quality dehumidification units that are specifically designed for basements and crawls. These unites are much more efficient than traditional store purchased unites, can run in much cooler temperatures and provide years quality service.
Make sure prior to turning your dehumidifier on all exterior doors and windows are closed.
Crawl/Basement complete encapsulation
Basement Waterproofing Solutions has transformed many basements and crawls with a complete encapsulation system.
We have converted areas with dripping condensation from ceiling to floor into comfortable living space.