foundation repair in rossville ny 10309

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Foundation Repair In Staten Island NY 10309


Key Issues to Keep in Mind When Considering Foundation Repair

A survey that appeared in U.S Money in 2013 showed that owning a home was the topmost desire for over 98% of the population. Well, there is no surprise there considering the financial and social freedom you enjoy with a roof over your head. Read more »

crawl space leaking

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Crawl Space Leaking Detection: First Step in Solving the Problem

Which space do you despise most in your lovely home? Most likely you have not taken a minute to think about that crawl space below. Indeed, the Basement Health Association (BHA) carried out a study in 2011 and over 70% of homeowners reckoned they could do without this space. Read more »

basement remodeling project in staten island ny 10314

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Your Basement Remodeling Project in Staten Island 10314

If you have lived in your house for a couple of years, it might be feeling a little cramped. When you moved in, you were thrilled to have so much space available. Now, you have bought new things, possibly had a child and expanded into all the available areas. There is one area of your home that needs to be improved before it becomes usable space. When you are planning a basement remodeling project in Staten Island NY 10314, here are some things to consider. Read more »

basement waterproofing system

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Basement Waterproofing System

Dampness and mustiness can be a common problem in a home’s basement. Yet, many homeowners wonder how they will know if they should be concerned that their basement has not been sufficiently waterproofed. Luckily, there are several signs one can look out for that can indicate that you may be in need of a basement waterproofing system. Here are a few of the signs that you can look out for that can indicate problems with your basement’s waterproofing. Read more »


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Basement waterproofing in Staten IslansNY 10303 is about so much more than throwing a roll of plastic over the walls and hoping nothing gets through. Waterproofing is far more complex than that. Here are a few smart tips for keeping your basement nice and dry:

  • The Slope

Think about the way your lawn or driveway slopes. Sometimes they’re built in a way that makes water flow in the direction of the building. When water pools against the outside, it can find little holes to seep through.

The way to solve this problem is to change the gradient of the ground. Ensure that your new slope is at least one-inch high in the opposite direction. It should extend for another ten feet. Read more »


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Basement leak contractors are some of the most misunderstood professionals in today’s world. Surprisingly, they are also the most sought after though most household owners only realize their importance when it is too late.

The Concrete Foundations Associations (CFA) reckons over 78% of all projects from their members involve leaking basements. What’s more, the Basement Health Association (BHA) reports that over 67% of modern homes basements suffer from some sort of moisture problem, which makes your contractor an invaluable part of your home improvement project. Read more »


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Crawl Space Moisture in Staten Island NY 10305

Some architectural designs dictate that a crawl space should be built below the floor or underneath the roof of a building. While this crawl space could be useful for electrical wiring, or plumbing, it poses a risk when moisture accumulates. If not controlled, it soon becomes a headache to homeowners. Read more »


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Flood Preparedness

When floods hit you, they bring about unforeseen challenges that call for an immediate response to bring life back to normal as soon as possible. It is critical to keep yourself and your family safe until the storm is over and the flooding has stopped. Always heed all flood warnings and take refuge on higher ground. It is advisable to stay away from flood waters more so when you are driving as they easily carry away cars. Above all, it is very important that you take insurance that covers against flood to help you through the road to flood recovery. Read more »


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Which is the most taxing part of home maintenance? Well, the Homeowners Association-USA did a study in 2010 and over 80% of the respondents said moisture management in basement areas was the most arduous of tasks in home improvement.

Why Care about Waterproofing Systems?

There is no denying that the fact that this space is out of sight making it easy to forget it. However, water problems will not be forgotten any time soon because they pose a health hazard due to toxic mold growth. Read more »


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The name Henry Flagg French might not click when you hear it first but as a homeowner experiencing flooding issues then maybe it should. The prominent Massachusetts lawyer is credited as the father of the now ubiquitous French drain.

The International Association of Foundation Drilling (IAFD) cites French drain installation among the top five modern most effective solutions to drainage problems. If you have been experiencing problems in your yard it is most likely the same is reflected in your basement or crawl space and this is where this solution comes in handy. Read more »